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Storage bed - cloth

  • Large storage bed base
  • Easy to add or change the headboard
  • The distribution of pressure over the total area extends the mattress's


  •  Available in different materials and colors to match your room's decor.
  • Long lifespan : 3 years guarantee

Easy to add a bed skirt

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Brand Best Bed
EGP 4,811.00
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  • BEST BED storage beds:

    Stylish, easy to use because of its mechanism, in addition to being the best at

    utilizing spaces.

    The storage space holds a lot, such as; extra Quilts and pillows, seasonal

    clothes, or the ironing board.

    Flexible, and can easily change your room's decor in a few minutes.

  •  Don't Rely On Online Photos: Read the specifications carefully; as many online suppliers use copied

and enhanced photos, for low price items, please pay attention to the respectful accreditation (ISO,

Oeko Tex, Egyptian cotton mark...etc.).


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