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Fitted sheet - Satin - Quadro satin design

• Quadro Satan collection: Enjoy the luxurious luster & softness of Sateen bed linen with Egyptian

cotton in Continental COMFORT's high quality.

• The Fabric: This continental comfort sateen bed linen collection is made of pure combed yarns of long

Egyptian cotton fibers.

Egyptian cotton is an advantage with high sweat absorption; which provides the body with the ideal


• The combed yarns: The Egyptian Cotton combed yarns provide more harmonies fibers; which make

the yarns softer, stronger, more lustrous, less hairy, easier to clean, and free of neaps & impurities.

Egyptian Cotton .. Egyptian Made

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Luxurious sateen continental comfort bed linen: Made of sateen fabric which is made of combed yarns of long Egyptian cotton fibers.

eye-pleasing design & colors: Continental comfort Quadro sateen bed linen is available in a creative

design, and rich, variable eye-pleasing colors.

Now you can see your bed before buying it through the following link, you don’t need to imagine the

color combinations anymore… just click Here.

Deep-pocketed sheet: Continental Comfort fitted bed sheets are designed with deep pocket (drop) of

35 cm 11.8”, with elastic anchors on all four corners to fit your mattress and stay in place.

• Combed yarns: Combing is an optional expensive process that purifies cotton & silk fibers of

impurities and short irregular fibers; this process can only be implemented to high-quality cotton

fibers, the result is a soft, durable, and easy to clean bed linen.

For more info, please click Here.

High thread counts “TC”, (Single yarns): This bed linen is made of 250 “Thread count” fabric, of

single yarns. This count equals approx. 500 TC of two-ply yarns, or even 1000 TC of microfiber

fabrics, so don’t be deceived by high TC numbers in bed linen if it is not clearly stated that they are

made of “single” cotton yarns. For more info, please click Here.

Don't rely on online photos: Read the specifications carefully; as many online suppliers use copied

and enhanced photos, for low price items, please pay attention to the respectful accreditation (ISO,

Oeko Tex, Egyptian cotton mark...etc.).


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