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Supreme Fiber Pillow Firm & High(#5 Pillow)

Supreme Fiber Pillow Firm & High(#5 Pillow)

  • One-piece filling: Continental comfort pillow # 5 is filled with one piece of compressed & soft layers of fiber in swiss roll form with higher compression.
  • Firm & high fiber pillow: Recommended for:
    -One side / on back sleepers.
    -Sleeping on one high pillow. 
    -No head shaping (flat surface). 
    -Wide shoulders sleepers.
  • Machine wash & dry: Machine wash & dry 50°.
  • Ventilation system: Continental Comfort pillow is breathable; it has three holes for ventilation.


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Continental comfort provides you with a wide pillow collection to match your

shoulder width & to fulfill your healthy & comfortable sleeping needs.

Continental comfort pillows are varying in height, density & filling

·         Height; high, medium, or low.

·         Density; soft, medium, or firm.

·         Filling; loose or sheet filling.

Because the pillow is a personal choice, Continental comfort provides you with

the best way to choose your pillow by answering how to choose your pillow


To know the most comfortable pillow for you please click here.

Don't Rely On Online Photos: Read the specifications carefully;

as many online suppliers use copied and enhanced photos, for

low price items, please pay attention to the respectful

accreditation (ISO, Oeko Tex, Egyptian cotton mark...etc.).


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