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Comfy bag - jeans (Sofa design)

Comfy bag - jeans (Sofa design)

  • Extended luxury: Great for relaxing, watching TV, reading, and gatherings.
  • Cozy & stylish: Cozy & stylish to give your home a contemporary look.
  • Unique filling: Continental comfort Comfy bag is filled with a unique mixture of foam balls + fiber clusters to provide you a wonderful balance of comfort & softness.
  • Easy to clean: Easily removable & washable cover.
  • Filling adjusting: Inner bag with zipper for adjusting & refilling.
  • Available in different sizes for adults & kids.


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EGP 2,351.00
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Continental comfort comfy bag with a unique design for extended luxury. Cozy & stylish to give your home a contemporary modern look, Available in different colors & designs to match your home interior design.

Don't Rely On Online Photos: Read the specifications carefully;

as many online suppliers use copied and enhanced photos, for

low price items, please pay attention to the respectful

accreditation (ISO, Oeko Tex, Egyptian cotton mark...etc.).


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