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Winter quilt - Cluster fiber

Continental comfort provides you with a wide quilt collection that varies in

filling, shell, and Tog to choose the most suitable quilt for you & for your home


Continental comfort also provides the best way to choose your quilt based on

the TOG system; which is an international standard for heat insulation capacity,

the more tog marks the product is labeled with, the more insulation (warmth) it

provides to your body.

To know which tog is suitable for you please click here.


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EGP 724.00
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Cluster balls filling;

Filled with luxurious hollow fiber balls; which gives you the closest feeling to

the natural feather filling quilt.

• Feel warm with lightweight (12 togs);

Continental comfort's cluster quilts have a high heat insulation capacity with

lightweight, the insulation capacity is measured in (tog),

For more info about Tog system;for more information please click here.

• High drape;

Continental comfort cluster quilts are an advantage with a high drape to

easily surround your body.

• White shell; to change your quilt cover's color & design every time.

• Click system:

A new continental comfort innovation that helps you change your quilt

cover hassle-free and in less than two minutes.

Click the quilt to the cover, shake them together, and you are Done.

For more info, please click here.

• Machine & dry wash up to 60.

Don't Rely On Online Photos: Read the specifications carefully;

as many online suppliers use copied and enhanced photos, for

low price items, please pay attention to the respectful

accreditation (ISO, Oeko Tex, Egyptian cotton mark...etc.).


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